N. (Rokko ‘Exotica’ x boschiana) x platychila ‘EP’ SPECIMEN

N. (Rokko ‘Exotica’ x boschiana) x platychila ‘EP’ SPECIMEN


These should have spectacular pitchers when mature..look at the parents in the last image:)  The platychila parent should really adds a dramatic effect to the uppers! This one is a larger plant we have and you’re in for a real show as it matures!

Greenhouse hardened. This plant prefers intermediate conditions.  It should be kept between 75-85F  in the day and cool nights in the 60’s would be appreciated.  Nepenthes can acclimate to lower humidity levels, although the best results will be seen in 70-80% range. Bright, indirect light. 

 The last image shows the parents used in the hybrid. Exact plant as seen in the secondary images. 6+ inches in diameter. Seed grown. 

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