N. platychila No.5 x No.8 ‘EP’ Greenhouse Bred

N. platychila No.5 x No.8 ‘EP’ Greenhouse Bred


UGH just look at the upper pitchers on these!!!Endemic to the Hose Moutains in Sarawak. N. platychila is a known for it’s very unique upper pitchers. The bodies are funnel shaped and the peristome is flared and smooth..yes, we are still talking about plants:)  This is a new grex created by Exotica and the offspring are sure to be amazing!

The images show different forms grown at Exotica Plants and give you an idea of what we are in for. The available plants are 3-4+ inches.  Shipped with roots wrapped in sphagnum. Seed grown. 


This plant prefers intermediate/highland conditions.  It should be kept between 75-83F  in the day and prefers night time temperature drop into the low 60’s for best growth. Nepenthes can acclimate to lower humidity levels, although the best results will be seen in 70-80% range. Bright, indirect light and pure water. 


This is a pre-order item due in mid to late April.

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