Our Friends

Owned by Geoff and Andrea mansell, Exotica Plants has been operating for almost 30 years! They are the world leaders in Nepenthes breeding specializing in SEED GROWN  species and hybrids ! Their quality, variety, and integrity is unmatched! We have been huge fans since childhood, drooling over their images of pitchers almost 2ft tall and they continue to keep us VERY inspired :)We have a very close relationship with them and are proud to be able to supply our customers with the best Nepenthes hybrids and species in the in the world!

Christian Klein is a very talented grower based in Germany and he has been collecting Nepenthes species for many years! He supplies us with SEED GROWN species and hybrids and we LOVE his quality and variety! It’s sources like him that help us supply amazing plants to happy customers!