Exotica Plants Import Info

Exotica Plants is scheduled to update late February/early March.

Exotica Plants Partnership

We LOVE importing new and rare Nepenthes hybrids/species from the BEST Nepenthes Nursery in the world, Exotica Plants (EP) in Australia! For those of you who aren’t familiar, EP is the world leader in Nepenthes hybridization. They create the most desired hybrids in cultivation today and their quality is unbeatable! Our relationship is 20 years strong and we have years worth of knowledge of their stock.  We only do these imports twice a year and  highly encourage you place an order if you love tropical pitcher plants! It’s an amazing opportunity to get something unique for your Nepenthes collection offered exclusively through RedLeaf Exotics!
The scheduled catalog updates will always be announced via social media @RedleafExotics and our Newsletter.

 What is the process?

There will be no direct ordering of Exotica’s website. They send us an availability list and we post it up on RedleafExotics.com under the Exotica Plants pre-order tab which will appear on our menu tab. Once the list is live, our customers can pre-order and pay for their plants immediately. Some plants are in limited quantities, so be quick!


 What about specimens/limited plants?

Specimens and limited plants that cannot be divided between Exotica’s 6 vendors will be up on Exoticaplants.com.au around  a week after our pre-order release. Specimens are larger stock plants and the images are the exact plant you are purchasing.  Specimens can be found under the NEWS AND SPECIALS tab. Each specimen plant has a # beside its name. Please send the # of the specimens you desire to REDLEAFEXOTICS@GMAIL.COM. There is no need to send us the full plant name as it shaves seconds off your opportunity to own one! We will request your choices from Exotica and wait for them to confirm.  There will be many others requesting plants, so the faster we are, the better chance of getting all we request.

Limited plants can be found under the SPECIES  or HYBRIDS tab on Exotica’s website. For these, please email us the plants full name and we will order them for you.

We recommend visiting their site and getting familiar with it! If you have any questions let us know!!

All plants will be an additional $10 from the price quoted in Exotica’s catalog. This takes care of import/freight cost. We will send you an invoice for your specimens/limited plants once we have confirmation from Exotica. Immediate payment is greatly appreciated:)

 When can I expect my order?

The order usually ships out from Australia around a week or two after placing it and our customers will be updated along the way. We kindly ask for your patience as Geoff and Andrea carefully pack and ship hundreds of orders by themselves.
Once we receive the import, we will immediately pack and ship orders. We keep our customers updated with the latest information available to us.

When do I pay shipping cost?

A base shipping charge of $12.99 will be paid at the time of your pre-order. Once we ship the plants from our nursery to your home, there will be a final invoice sent out with additional shipping fees if your order exceeds the base shipping charges.

Thanks Nepenthes Lovers,

-Domonick Gravine at Redleaf Exotics-